Zero Porosity Rotor

The New Industry Standard

Through our unique technology Laminar Squeeze Casting, we were able to create the Zero Porosity Rotor – ZPR. Our most recent CT-scans prove the outstanding product quality of our die casted aluminium rotors compared with the current industry standard. For this reason, breuckmann eMobility can be considered as the global quality leader within the rotor production industry.


Maximum Stress Levels

To achieve extraordinary results, we need to apply extraordinary methods. Within our stress test, the breuckmann eMobility rotor bursts under extremely high rotational speed. Only this kind of tests enables us to verify our theoretical assumptions with empirical results. This is the reason why we deliver the best product quality to our customers.

Advantages of the ZPR for our customers


You can rely on exceptional product quality enabling you a stable production process.


You benefit from better electric conductivity resulting in a better performance of your engine.


Ideal strength equips the rotor with optimum prerequisites for high rotation concepts.

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