The Implementation of Sustainable Rotors within the Automotive Industry


Creating a Sustainable Future

There is only one earth and we live on it. To secure its existence for the future, breuckmann eMobility set the goal to treat its environment with respect. Accordingly we direct all of our business activities as well as production processes towards the prevention of wasting resources. In addition we make sure that our products release as less pollutants as possible to the environment.

Pioneers on every Level

Time changes the world around us, so we have to adapt ourselves continuously and be prepared for new situations. To keep up with that change, breuckmann eMobility always works on new technologies chasing the current zeitgeist. Nevertheless, our quality does not have to suffer. Innovation is important to us, but functionality and performance are as important as the innovation itself. This is the reason why we always work until the last detail is finished. We will never stop always pioneering to set new standards.

Reinvention of Mid-Sized Enterprises

German mid-sized enterprises are known for steadiness, reliability and experience. On the other side also negative characteristics such as organizational blindness and operational slowness are associated with them. Our goal is to break through these negative biases implementing innovative production and management methods. Flat hierarchies help us to reduce our reaction times. Moreover external partners inspire us regularly to realize new approaches as well as innovations. In our company there is an interaction between steadiness and innovation, so we will not start rusting, but also do not light up.