Pure Metals

breuckmann eMobility uses the metals copper and aluminium in pure form for the production of its Zero Porosity Rotor. Perfect characteristics for rotor casting result from the cohesion of these two basic materials and their metallic bond causing optimum conditions for the performance of our rotors. Especially the excellent electrical conductivity of these two metals stands out.

Copper Rotors

In order to realize latest efficiency classes, breuckmann eMobility uses the purest copper as conductor material. Therefore our copper rotors reach highest levels of electrical conductivity leading to an improvement of efficiency and an optimum performance of the electric motor itself. Our copper rotors are the easiest solution to fulfil the IEC 60034-30 efficiency class standards IE3 and even IE4.

Electrical Conductivity

Maximum electrical conductivity of copper rotors results from the high metallic conductivity of the material – copper has the second highest metallic conductivity after silver. On the other hand electrical conductivity also results from the steady and controlled filling of the slots with conductive material during the Laminar Squeeze Casting process. Higher electrical conductivity causes a decrease in heat losses.

Thermal Conductivity

Apart from electric conductivity, thermal conductivity is the most important characteristic of an efficient asynchronous electric motor using a copper rotor. Behind silver, copper reaches the highest thermal conductivity. Hence the warmth can escape ideally out of the rotor enabling our copper rotors to achieve optimized cooling effects.


The copper rotor is made from easily separable copper and iron. Thus there is no waste created after a long operating life, but rather a coveted source of raw materials results from the rotor.

Aluminium Rotors

Until today aluminium rotors are the most common version for asynchronous electric motor types. They have better reputation based on experience and a higher degree of popularity. Because of excellent characteristics as conductor material, breuckmann eMobility produces weight- and cost-optimized aluminium rotors for electric motors.


Because of its low material density, the aluminium rotor is a lightweight rotor compared to other rotors. Nevertheless our Laminar Squeeze Casting technology makes sure that despite its lightweight, the aluminium rotor does not lose any stability or performance.

Cost Efficiency

Aluminium has the best electrical conductivity after silver, copper and gold. Compared to these materials, aluminium has the cheapest price by far. For this reason breuckmann eMobility offers a cost-optimized rotor for asynchronous motor types.


The recycling efficiency of aluminium is extremely good, because the production of primary aluminium needs more energy compared to reusing aluminium scrap. Thus there is no waste created after the long operating life of our aluminium rotors, but rather a coveted source of raw materials results from them.