Our Rotors

For electric motors requiring optimum performance breuckmann eMobility produces rotors for asynchronous motor types achieving supreme quality. Supported by the impact of latest procedures and the know-how of 50 years, we use a self-developed casting process named Laminar Squeeze Casting to cast our rotors. This finally resulted in our premium product, the Zero Porosity Rotor. Our rotors have specific mechanic characteristics and for this reason are suitable for all kinds of scopes. To satisfy the needs of our customers, we use pure metals such as copper and aluminium as well as alloys of these two. Therefore our products are 100% recyclable and can be returned after their operational time back into the cycle of materials without great efforts.

Pure Metals

Conductivity – Cooling – Cost Efficiency

breuckmann eMobility uses the metals copper and aluminium in pure form for the production of its rotors. Perfect characteristics for rotor casting result from the cohesion of these two basic materials and their metallic bond causing optimum conditions for the performance of our rotors. Especially the excellent electrical conductivity of these two metals stands out.

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Maximum Stress Levels

To achieve extraordinary results, we need to apply extraordinary methods. Within our stress test, the breuckmann eMobility rotor bursts under extremely high rotational speed. Only this kind of tests enables us to verify our theoretical assumptions with empirical results. This is the reason why we deliver the best product quality to our customers.

High Performance Alloys

Strength – Resistance – High Performance

breuckmann eMobility produces high performance rotors made from copper or aluminium alloys for high-speed concepts. By adding alloy elements, we can combine the best characteristics of each element and improve crucial product features. This is the reason why our high performance alloys are resistant to cracks or breaks during the usage of an electric motor.

Quality Characteristics

Minimum Porosity and Blowholes

One essential quality feature of rotors produced by breuckmann eMobility is their low rate of pores and blowholes. Pores are imperfections inside of the component, which result from solidifying gas bubbles. Blowholes on the other side are cavities, which occur because of a reduction in volume or rather a shrinkage of the melt during the solidification period. These two faults have to be minimized, as high-speed rotations otherwise will lead to an uneven balance of mass inside the rotor. Additionally the electrical and thermal conductivity can be reduced. By performing a precise casting speed and a perfectly timed casting process during the Laminar Squeeze Casting, we are able to reduce the risk of pores and blowholes to a minimum.

Balance Quality

Balance quality is a crucial factor when it comes to rotating objects. If the center of gravity of a rotor moves away from the axis of rotation, the imbalance and therefore also the centrifugal force affecting the rotor increase. The results are increasing rotor vibrations and more wear and tear on the ball bearings/journal. To reduce this imbalance, there is a lot of rework to do. breuckmann eMobility uses its own technology named Laminar Squeeze Casting to deal with these obstacles. Because of the low amount of porosity and blowholes, we achieved a symmetrical mass distribution within our rotors. For this reason the rotors are running more smoothly and steadily. They do not have to be reworked causing high costs.

Maximum Fill Factor

Another quality characteristic is the amount of conductive material inside of rotors. At breuckmann eMobility all slots of the form are filled evenly and constantly during the Laminar Squeeze Casting, so the rotors reach maximum density of casted material. Maximum density at the movable carriers improves the flow of electrons inside of the rotor.

Product Variations


breuckmann eMobility is able to produce rotors having different sizes and dimensions. Next to the conductor material, the diameter of the rotor – max. 400 mm – and the length of the rotor – max. 450 mm – are adjustable. Furthermore it is possible to cast rotors with open and closed slots. On requests concerning sizes or custom-built products, feel free to contact us using our contact form.


Enabled by Laminar Squeeze Casting, we can cast rotors with open and closed slots using our unique tool concept. Rotors with open slots having a lamination bundle, which is open on the outside, reach higher efficiency. On the other hand these rotors are not made for high-speed rotations. For high-speed concepts rotors with closed slots are more suitable. The conductive material is surrounded by the lamination bundle and the slots are not visible from the outside.


Rotor diameter: 400 mm Rotor length: 450 mm – Lamination bundle and short-circuit ring Total weight – Copper: Up to 30 kg Total weight – Aluminium: Up to 10 kg