High Performance Alloys

breuckmann eMobility produces the Zero Porosity Rotor made from copper or aluminium alloys for high-speed concepts. By adding alloy elements, we can combine the best characteristics of each element and improve crucial product features. This is the reason why our high performance alloys are resistant to cracks or breaks during the usage of an electric motor.

Copper Alloys

If maximum rotation speed takes place, it is not possible to use pure metals anymore, so alloy elements have to be added. They can resist extreme rotation speed. In order to achieve high performance on electric motors and to satisfy the needs of the automotive industry, breuckmann eMobility developed first class copper alloys for its rotors withstanding strongest forces.

High Speed Rotation Concepts

The higher the rotation speed of a rotor the higher its centrifugal force will be. Newest electric motors have to resist these forces without deformation, cracking or breaking. Our copper alloys are processed by our self-developed casting technology named Laminar Squeeze Casting in order to produce our high performance rotors. Hence, we can satisfy the individual wishes of customers from the automotive industry.

Tensile and High Temperature Resistance

Higher rotation speed leads to stronger forces applied to the electric motor. If the thermal-mechanical load limit is exceeded regularly, the lifetime cycle of a rotor decreases crucially. This is the reason why breuckmann eMobility formed the mechanical characteristics of its copper alloys towards maximum resistance.

Aluminium Alloys

Pure aluminium is an insufficient squirrel-cage material for electric motors that want to reach high-speed rotations. For this reason breuckmann eMobility developed weight- and cost-optimized rotors containing its own aluminium alloy satisfying the highest technical standards of the industry.

High Rotation Speed

Asynchronous motors for high-speed rotation concepts stand out for reaching highest speed levels. To counteract increased centrifugal forces at the rotor, we created customized aluminium alloys with improved mechanical characteristics.

Vibration Resistance

During its lifetime cycle, a rotor has to resist varying mechanical forces. breuckmann eMobility casts conductive material made from an aluminium alloy, which has a high level of vibration resistance, so the rotor does not change its form while withstanding high-speeds.