Current events:


Trade fair Berlin

Rare earth free e-drives featuring low manufacturing cost

The results of the European Refree Drive project were presented during the Event. The Zero Porosity Rotor (ZPR®) offers new possibilities for the use of modern asynchronous motors free of rare earths. Our CEO Péter Szilágyi explained the technical background and advantages of the rare earth free motor variants during the presentation of the European Copper Institute (ECI).

10th International Motors Workshop

Online Session
In the online session we reported about our Zero Porosity Rotor (ZPR®) – as the new industry standard. One of the speakers was our CEO Péter Szilágyi. He shared exciting R&D news in the area of fundamental new freedoms in slot design and advances in end-ring stability for sustainable electric induction motors.

8. Elektromobilproduktionstage

05.10.2020 – 08.10.2020
RWTH Aachen, Deutschland

This year the Elektromobilproduktionstage (EPT) at the RWTH Aachen took place online and breuckmann eMobility was a part of it. Our CEO and Co-Founder Peter Szilágyi gave a presentation about the latest test results of the Zero Porosity Rotor®.

We would like to thank all participants for the great interest in the presentation of our CEO about the latest development status of the ZPR!


03.12.2019 – 04.12.2019
Esslingen, Deutschland

Similar to the last year we are looking back at an exciting and productive Electric Drives Production Conference (EDPC).

breuckmann eMobility CEO Péter Szilagyi took part and presented the latest results of newly devolped copper alloy for high-rotation concepts.

At the EDPC the intrest in the ZeroPorosityRotor was huge.

“Thank you so much for appreceating our hard work!”


25.09.2019 – 26.09.2019
Pordenone, Italien

Also this year the team of breuckmann eMobility attended the trade fair Coiltech in Pordenone, Italy. In this connection, we made interesting contacts and are still negotiating with a potential longterm partner, which might be suitable for our future!

The team of breuckmann eMobility says

“Thank you for numerous visits!”


16.09.2019 – 18.09.2019
Chicago, USA

Co-Founder Rudolf Moos was invited to give a speech at CWIEME AMERICAS in Chicago about the Zero Porosity Rotor. He presented in the same session as Dr. Zifu Wang from Hitachi, who provided detailed insights related to the topic rotor production.

Chicago was a success for us!

The Product of the Year 2019 is
better known in the US now.


12.09.2019 – 21.09.2019

We attended the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, which is the world’s largest motor show. We were looking for latest trends in the area of electric mobility. German manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, VW and Daimler presented their latest concepts to the public. Also companies from foreign countries such as Hyundai, Cupra and Wey showcased interesting concepts.

Autonomous vehicles in
metropolitan areas were a central
topic at the IAA in Frankfurt.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Europe

 21.05.2019 – 23.05.2019

Our most important event CWIEME took place in Berlin again. Coincidently, we received the results on our most recent CT-Scans at the same time. They state that we have reached 0% porosity for the entire rotor.

This Time We Won!

Product of the Year

CWIEME Global Awards 2019

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Europe

07.05.2019 – 09.05.2019

Our first big event in 2019 is Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Europe Expo in Stuttgart. For sure CEO Peter also attended the event and presented the unique selling points of our High Performance Rotors.

We had promising conversations during this event and managed to build up new relationships.

Electric Drives Production Conference

04.12.2018 – 05.12.2018

Our CEO Peter Szilagyi was on the road during the cold winter season. He visited the Electric Drives Production Conference in Schweinfurt and gave a speech related to our High Performance Cast Rotors. He received lots of support from the audience.

We had many interesting conversations and look forward to being back in 2019.

2. DE/CHN Automobilkongress

24.11.2018 – 02.12.2018
various locations, China

In the end of the year Co-Founder Rudolf Moos took the long journey to China in order to participate at the second German-Chinese Automotive Congress. In this connection, he did not just represent breuckmann eMobility, but also had panel discussions related to the topic eMobility.

Take a look at his LinkedIn-Post describing his experiences:

We took away innovative impressions from Automechanika Shanghai!

Besuch aus China

breuckmann eMobility

At the end of October we received some guests from China at our location. They were not just interested in our rotor production. Additionally, we had discussions about future investment possibilities as well as other mutual business areas. We are looking forward to see what possibilities may result from our conversations.

During the presentation of our visitors, CEO Peter Szilagyi had some queries that needed to be clarified.

Electric Vehicle Technologies Conference

22.10.2018 – 23.10.2018
Shanghai, China

October 2018 brought Peter to China. He held a speech on the technology behind our High Performance Cast Rotors explaining the audience how to fulfil the quality standards for the automotive industry. He is looking forward to have his next visit!

Rotation Moves Us All.


26.09.2018 – 27.09.2018
Pordenone, Italien

In September the trade fair Coiltech took place in Pordenone again. The breuckmann eMobility team also attended this event taking the chance to speak with various automotive suppliers as well as manufacturers. Moreover we met up with our French competitor FAVI talking about various collaboration possibilities.

Basic conversations with one of our biggest contributors FAVI.


19. Juni 2018 – 21. Juni 2018

In the middle of the year the breuckmann eMobility team exhibited on the CWIEME trade fair in Berlin. It is supposed to be the biggest trade fair series worldwide related to coil-windings, electrical engines as well as the production of transformers. We had some interesting conversations with automotive manufacturers such as Tesla and Audi. We are looking forward when thinking about our future.