About Us


After strategic discussions between Volker Breuckmann and his son as well as successor Michael Breuckmann, the decision in 2017 was made to found breuckmann eMobility as a subsidiary of Breuckmann Gmbh & Co. KG. The idea for the new company resulted from the innovative drive of Michael Breuckmann, who brings progressive ideas into the company and recognized latest trends such as eMobility and urbanisation during their early stages. On the other hand the tendency of Volker Breuckmann towards the topic sustainability was crucial for the foundation of breuckmann eMobility.


In 2018 breuckmann eMobility GmbH was officially founded based on its holding company Breuckmann GmbH & Co. KG. Our focus is the automotive industry. We want to become a supplier of supreme quality rotors achieving extraordinary performance. Therefore we aim at meeting the standards for governmental as well as industrial demands related to asynchronous electric motors. Furthermore we continue to research various applications of our business expertise seeking for possibilities to expand our portfolio. For this reason we represent a new form of the mid-sized enterprises breaking through old structures continuously implementing new innovative methods. Our solid foundation is guaranteed by Breuckmann GmbH & Co. KG, which employs more than 100 employees combined with over 50 year operational experience within the industry. Hence, quality and reliability are natural terms to us.