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Rotation Moves Me You Us All.

What Drives Us

breuckmann eMobility wants to create a more sustainable future producing high performance rotors for the automotive industry. Additionally, we want to set new industry standards for components of electric motors regarding technology, performance and quality.

To realize such extraordinary goals, we connect the reliability known from midsized enterprises with latest ideas connected to production processes and management approaches within the economy. On the one hand we use the resources of our holding company Breuckmann GmbH & Co. KG, which employs over 100 employees and is based on more than 50 years of operational experience. On the other hand we instantly implement new ideas as well as production processes by means of our lean management structures and flat hierarchies.


breuckmann eMobility produces high-quality rotors with maximum performance for asynchronous electric motors. By applying newest methods and know-how, which is based on 50 years operational experience, we developed for our rotor production a unique casting process named Laminar Squeeze Casting. This finally resulted in our premium product, the Zero Porosity Rotor.

Our rotors have a wide range of application, as we adjusted their mechanical characteristics for different needs inside the industry. We achieved that by using pure metals such as copper and aluminium or alloys based on these two metals.


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Maximum Stress Levels

To achieve extraordinary results, we need to apply extraordinary methods. Within our stress test, the breuckmann eMobility rotor bursts under extremely high rotational speed. Only this kind of tests enables us to verify our theoretical assumptions with empirical results. This is the reason why we deliver the best product quality to our customers.

Pure Metals

Conductivity – Cooling – Cost Efficiency

breuckmann eMobility uses the conductive materials copper and aluminium for efficiency optimized electric motors. Especially because of the maximum electric conductivity of these materials, they are most suitable in their pure forms. For this reason our copper rotors are able to fulfill the latest efficiency classes in point of minimum limits for efficiency being in accordance with the IEC60034-30 standard.

High Performance Alloys

Strength – Resistance – High Performance

breuckmann eMobility produces high performance rotors made from copper and aluminium alloys optimized for strength enabling high-speed concepts. Our high performance alloys prevent the insides of electric motors from deformation or breaking because of their maximum optimized mechanical characteristics.

Product of the Year

CWIEME Global Awards 2019

For the exceptional product quality of our Zero Porosity Rotor as well as our unique technology, our Co-Founders Péter and Rudolf received at the world’s largest event dedicated to coil winding, electric motors, transformers and generators, the global award Product of the Year 2019.

Rotation Moves Us All.

Laminar Squeeze Casting

breuckmann eMobility sets new standards for casting rotors applying its self-engineered casting process named Laminar Squeeze Casting. Our patented technology enables us a steady – Laminar – filling of the mould follow by the squeezing – Squeeze, which finally leads the process to perfection. For this reason the slots inside of our rotors as well as their short-circuit rings achieve the highest possible level of material density and the lowest possible level of porosity. The result is reaching maximum electrical conductivity within our Zero Porosity Rotor connected to increased torque speed as well as an increased performance of the electric motor.


breuckmann eMobility contributes as a pioneer to a sustainable development of our society. As we focus on the production of high performance rotors for asynchronous motor types, we have no need for using rare earth metals within our processes. These rare earth metals are usually mined under bad working conditions causing catastrophic environmental effects.

Furthermore breuckmann eMobility produces its rotors based on pure metals or alloys of these. Therefore our products are 100% recyclable. This means, even if the maximum service time of a rotor is reached, no waste will result from it. The materials can return to their cycle without enormous efforts.

We make sure that no only the electric car itself is sustainable, but also its production process.

Key Partner

Additional Information

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 806095